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2020/8/31 20:07:29

产品名称: QL-705M型PVDC乳液
Product Name:PVDC Emulsion QL-705M
Product Application:PVDC QL-705M is widely used as a coating onto the metal surface for anti-corrosion after pretreatment and a little of film forming additives and wetting agents are necessary to be added into PVDC. PVDC will be coated onto metal surface several times after natural drying, and salt spray resistance will be up to 500 hours when the coating thickness reaches above 70um. PVDC coating has the excellect propeties of fast film forming、low VOC、good adhesion to the metal and the high strength of the film. The suitable application covers steel structure、metal pipelines、tanks and car parts, ect.
Operationg Requirements: There are several ways of coating, such as brush coating、roller coating and spray coating. The metal surface has to be pre-treated well before coating, and the surface has to be dry before another coating. The aging period takes 10 days under room temperature or one day at 35℃ degrees.
Packaging, storage and transportation: It should be lightly loaded and unloaded during transportation. It is strictly prohibited to prevent collision, avoid rain, exposure and pollution. The product should be stored in a ventilated、 cool、dry and clean warehouse, and heavy pressure is strictly prohibited.
Specifications: 250kg; 1200kg.
技术参数  Technical Parameter:

(1)    马口铁涂布PVDC厚度到70um,室温干燥10天再用于测试。
(1) PVDC coating thinkness is 70um, and the test has been conducted after 10 days natural drying.


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