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2020/8/31 9:15:37

产品标准:HG/T 4634-2014
产品用途: 主要用作制冷剂,低温制冷剂R-502的替代品,或者分别与HFC-134a、HFC-152a形成混合制冷剂替代HCFC-22。
理化性质: 在常温常压下是一种无色、有轻微醚类气味的气体,熔点:-136℃,沸点:-51.7℃,相对密度(水=1)1.1。在常温常压下结构稳定,不易分解。臭氧层减损潜能值(ODP):0,全球变暖潜能值(GWP):650。
包装规格:非重复充装钢瓶:8.15lb/3.7kg,重复充装钢瓶:400L、800L、926L、1000L、ISO-TANK. 。
Product name: Industrial difluoromethane
Chemical structure:CH2F2
Relative molecule mass:86.47           
Product standard:GH/T 4634-2014
Application: The product is used as a special typy of refrigerant or to make blend refrigerants such as R407, R410, R504
Physical and chemical properties: Under normal temperature and pressure, the product is a colorless gas with a slight scent of ether. Its melting point is -136℃, its boiling point is -51.7℃. Its liquid density is 0.958g/cm3 at 25℃. It is hardly decomposable under normal conditions because of its stable chemical structure. Its ODP value is nil, and its GWP value is 650.
Storage & transportation: The product is packed in appropriate cylinders or tanks(or tank cars).It is to be kept in cool and dry place, without being exposed to heat source, sunlight and raining . It is to comply with the regulation of railway and road transportation issued by Chinese government nese concerning hazardous cargo.
Packing specifications: Refillable cylinder:400l, 800L, 926L, 1000L,ISO TANK



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